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January, 2022

Theme:  “Story of Job: Why My Name, God?”

April, 2022

Theme:  "The Anointing of Samson to Save Israel"

July, 2022

Theme:  ""Lessons from the Gospel of Matthew"

October 2022

Theme:  "The Study of Luke""

February, 2022

Theme:  Study in the Book of Romans: “A Path for All: Hope and Living Righteously”

May, 2022

Theme:  "“Uriah: A Man of Influence and Ethics”"

August, 2022

Theme:  "Exploring Elijah and Elisha: Stewardship on the Shoulders of Great Mentors"

November, 2022

Theme:  "Jesus:  The Savior"

March, 2022

Theme:  "Study of Abraham and Sarah"

June, 2022

Theme:  "Study of Solomon"

September, 2022

Theme:  "Studies in the Gospel of Mark"

December, 2022

Theme:  "Lessons on John the Baptizer: Responding to the God of Impossibilities"

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