Young Couple



The purpose of the Marriage Ministry at Antioch Baptist Church

is to enrich the lives of married couples and those engaged to be married.  

A Virtual Cooking Demonstration

Saturday, March 5t

4 p.m.

Looking for a fun activity to do with your spouse?

Want to make a romantic dinner for a special occasion?

Then join the Marriage Ministry for a Virtual Cooking Demonstration.

Actively participate with Kevin & Deborah Stovall as they demonstrate how to prepare

Creamy Cajun Shrimp, Sausage, & Spinach Pasta.

So if you are looking for a fun activity that you and your spouse can do together, be sure to join the Marriage Ministry for this fun event

MEETING ID:  810 7339 2264

In preparation for the virtual cooking demonstration, purchase the following items:


  • 1 lb Medium or Large Shrimp*

  • 1 Andouille Sausage or Smoked Sausage link

  • 12 ounces Fettuccine Pasta

  • 1 Bag of Baby Spinach

  • 2/3 Cup Grated Parmesan

  • 1 Cup Heavy Cream

  • 1 Cup Chicken Stock

  • 1 Red Bell Pepper

  • 1/2 Large Yellow Bell Pepper

  • 1/2 Yellow Onion

  • 1/2 Cup Crushed Tomatoes

  • 4 - 5 Tbsps Olive Oil

  • 1/2 tsp Dried Oregano

  • 1 Tsp Brown Sugar

  • 3 Tsps Minced Garlic

  • 3 Tsps Creole Seasoning (Creole Kick)

  • Kosher Salt to taste

  • Fresh Ground Black Pepper to taste

*Shrimp can be substitued for chicken breast

Before the Cooking Demonstration begins, do the following:

  • Thaw, peel, & devein shrimp

  • Slice the Andouille or Smoked Sausage

  • Dice the red & yellow bell peppers

  • Dice the yellow onion

  • Prepare a side dish of your choice (Sauteed Asparagus, Brussel Sprouts, or a Salad)