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The history of Antioch is a story of incredible accomplishments. Our story began in the home of our founder, Rev. Cecil Lawrence Potter. After meeting for Sunday school and prayer meetings, a committed group held its first church service at 1423 N. Lansing on September 12, 1959. Our newly organized church only had twelve members and had to borrow four ‘temporary’ members from New Jerusalem Baptist Church to have sixteen members, enough to form a quorum.


After three months on Lansing, the church relocated to 2123 N. Frankfort Avenue, holding our first worship service on December 20, 1959. Two years later the building was remodeled to form the Education Unit.  In 1964 the land north of the original building was purchased and the Sanctuary was built.  Dedication ceremony was held on July 15, 1965.” The auxiliaries begun under Rev. C. L. Potter’s leadership include the Life Preservers’ Club, Bus Ministry, Church Nursery, Courtesy Committee, Nurses’ Guild and the Pastor’s Board.


Antioch’s history began with a pastor led by the Holy Spirit along with a handful of faithful warriors, who sold dinners, held rummage sales, washed cars, gave monthly musicals, obeyed leadership, prayed earnestly and remained steadfast in the Lord. On January 1, 1980, God called Rev. C. L. Potter home.  The Antioch family was grief stricken but not abandoned.  In February of 1980, his son, Rev. M. C. Potter made a smooth transition into leadership and was formally installed as Antioch’s new pastor. 


Antioch continues to grow both physically and spiritually under Rev. Potter’s leadership.  Auxiliaries and ministries established under his leadership include the first Youth of the Year Pageant, Singles’ Ministry and Marriage Ministry, Junior Deacons, Senior Adult Ministry and the Young Men for Christ Youth Group. The development of an Outreach Ministry included assisting young people in educational excellence which involved the church in onsite tutoring programs for neighborhood children, whether members or not. Tutoring programs has also been put in place at Sam Houston Elementary School. In 2003 male mentors were provided for Sam Houston for a special program the school had begun.  Also in 2003, the church began working with the Gilcrease Intermediate School as a community partner.  The church Senior Adult Ministry serves as a special activity partner to Gilcrease’s 5th grade class. We have also adopted Comanche Public Housing Community and Mohawk Manor Public Housing Community where members served in many capacities to assist the residents of these communities.


On Sunday, March 17, 2002, we held our first worship service here in our new facility. God has again smiled on Antioch. God continues to reveal His vision, and Antioch continues to be: “THE CHURCH THAT TRIUMPHS."

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