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JUNE 28, 2023

This Year's Theme:
"Run the Play"
Matthew 28:18-20

Kids Across America Kamp Starts Sunday, June 23, 2024

Cost - $235

Items to Bring to Kamp (Label Everything):

  • Bible

  • Flashlight

  • Note Pad

  • Bug Spray (OFF or something similar)

  • Sunscreen

  • Water Bottle

  • Bath & Face Towels

  • Toiletries

    • Toothbrush, Toothpaste, & Mouthwash

    • Soap

    • Deodorant

    • Hair Products 

    • Shower Shoes or Flip Flops

  • Fitted Sheets, Blanket, & Sleeping Bag

  • Empty Bag for Dirty Clothes

  • Closed Toe Shoes

  • Jeans, Pants, or Crop Pants

DO NOT Bring the Following:​

  • 2 Piece Swim Suit for Girls

  • Sleeveless T-Shirts

  • T-Shirts with demonic, gang related, or skulls

  • Short - Shorts

  • Leggings or Tights

  • Bandanas

Camper Health Forms

Click  here to download the Camper Health forms.  Copies of the forms are also available at the church.  Please return the forms to Vicki Williams "aka Momma J", Lela Clifton, or Atoe Billbury as soon as possible.


If your child is taking medication, please make sure that their medication is in a zip lock bag with their name written on the outside.  Please make sure the Medical Card is completed & present with your child's medication. Click here to download the Medical Card.

Insurance Cards

If you have not turned in your insurance card, please bring a photo copy of it with you Sunday, June 25th.  If you do not bring a photocopy of the insurance card, there will be a $125 charge.

Kamper Kits

Kamper Kits are available at the KAA Store.  The cost for Kamper Kits is $30 and contains:

  • Themed T-Shirt

  • Themed Wrist Band

  • Gatorade Band

We are requesting sponsors to assist with the purchase of the Kamper Kits.  If  you are able to be a sponsor, please contact Lela Clifton or Vicki Williams

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